Professional Services

Professional-ServicesProfessional services review is an option to rate professional services performance, such as an employee, product, presentation or performance appraisal using an evaluation form. Often, the professional services company will include forms to invite review their professional services performance annually or bi-annually. Professional services reviews are frequently used to help a business build a positive business reputation, and measure effectiveness at goal attainment.

Professional Services and Review Forms

How do you measure your professional services success?

One of the best ways is to critique the organization through the use of evaluation forms. Evaluation forms provide a great way to not only assess the subject but to track and follow progress. These forms are a necessity for all companies as it helps provide an insight into the companies business processes.

If you don’t currently have a standard evaluation form, you’re in luck, this site contains downloads of forms that will work for almost any evaluation review.

Professional Services Evaluation Form Downloads

Professional Services: Praise and Constructive Criticisms Welcome

The big issue in asking for feedback is making the reviewer feel comfortable giving an honest assessment of the professional services. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure reviewers know that their comments won’t be held against them. Reinforce the fact that you value all feedback, good and bad, and that their statements will be held in confidence unless they voluntarily sign their names to the evaluations.
  • If possible, offer an anonymous way to turn in the forms. You may want to let the forms be delivered in a box or turned  into a third party. You can collect and analyze the forms later.
  • Put the evaluation forms online. It allows for more availability of professional services evaluation.