Performance Management System

The Performance Management System provides a basic framework of policies and procedures for management and employees to use in setting goals and objectives for work to be accomplished within the organization and for appraising the outcomes on a consistent and regular basis. These performance management system regulations for planning, monitoring, developing, evaluating, and rewarding both individual and organizational performance and for using resulting performance information in making personnel decisions.

performance management systemManagers are responsible for providing ongoing informal and formal feedback to employees throughout the year using clear continuous communications.

The process is collaborative and participative whereby the manager and the employee communicate and share ideas on the job to be accomplished.  This is described and finalized in the job description document.  Together, they set specific goals for performance for the upcoming year.  This set of agreed upon goals, approved by the manager, along with the job description document becomes the substantive content for the annual performance appraisal process.

Performance Management System: Standards

Performance Management System standards will be established and used in evaluating levels of performance along with an incentive-based reward system (e.g. monetary rewards).

Standards of performance are stated in measurable and quantifiable terms, coupled with any observable behaviors, or qualitative descriptors and/or outcomes.  These are incorporated into both the job description and in the annual performance goal document.

Performance Management System for High Performing Groups

High performing organizations provide managers with the training and tools giving employees continuous and immediate feedback on their performance including both strengths and weaknesses.

High performance organizations provide employees with full access to policies and procedures on the performance management system including specific expectations for performance provided to them by their managers at the inception of their performance appraisal period.