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Evaluation Forms: Effect Gathering of Feedback

At most universities, student ratings of courses are required. This is due to a variety of reasons. Gathering evidence on teaching helps departments make informed decisions related to tenure, retention and promotion. Requesting student to complete evaluation forms sends the message that effective teachers are a clear focus. Evaluation Forms for Improved Performance The most […]

Performance Appraisal Definitions

Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) are developed for employees at any point in the appraisal cycle when performance becomes Level 1 (unacceptable) in one or more critical elements. This plan affords an employee the opportunity to demonstrate acceptable performance and it is developed with specific guidance provided by a servicing human resources office. Performance Management is […]

Performance Appraisal Do’s and Don’ts

As the year begins, so does the annual management task of delivering performance appraisal reviews. More than 70 million Americans go through this annual ritual, yet most of us dread both giving and receiving performance reviews. Some people claim that the annual performance appraisal¬†review is “one of the most frightening and degrading experiences in every […]

Performance Appraisal and Participating in Your Own Performance Appraisal

Participating in Evaluation Reports Employee Evaluation reports FSO

The Pre-appraisal Checklist and Preparing for the Appraisal By: Berkeley University Be sure your supervisor notifies you of the date, and that you have enough time to prepare. A conference room is a good choice for privacy and no interruptions. Be sure your supervisor schedules enough time for discussion [1 – 1-1/2 hours]. Gather: the […]