Product Evaluation Form

Product Evaluation FormUsing a Product Evaluation Form has two notable benefits. It gets potentially useful information out to those who might need it, plus, it makes the reviewer think more about various issues, eventually making the writer even more informed.

One of the best ways a person can get information about a product they are interested in is via a product evaluation form. However, to be truly useful, a Product Evaluation Form must not just be a long version of “I loved it”, or “I think its a pile of junk!”. It must be a fair, well thought out. in-depth descriptive discussion of what the product is, its intended uses, and how well it works on the tasks it was designed for.

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Product Evaluation Form: Non-Template




The basic rule for the Product Evaluation Form is the more you write, the better the review. After writing reviews for a number of years, I have found a few helpful ways of insuring that the review remain focused and beneficial. They are not intended as rules which must be followed to the letter, but hopefully, some of these tips might be of use to those of you who decide to take the plunge into creating Product Evaluation Forms.

Product Evaluation Form Tips

Follow these tips to ensure an accurate and fair product evaluation:

  • Have a clear understanding of the product, its purpose and uses
  • Compare the product with others in an apples to apples manner
  • Use observational tools to contrast the product
  • Be fair and balanced while putting aside personal beliefs

Product Evaluation Form: Example

Product Evaluation Form
Product Name:
Product Image:
Brief Product Description: 


Warranty Information:
After Sales Support/Services:
Compliance with Regulations:
Other Product Information: 


Product Benefits:









Points to Consider:









Helpful Hints:








Comparison with similar products currently available:













Safety Issues:






This product is most suitable for:





Likely demand for the product:





Overall opinion of product: