Course Evaluation Form

Course Evaluation Form 150x150 Course Evaluation FormA Course Evaluation Form can be distributed during the mid term or towards the end of the semester to provide students an opportunity to express views on a course and to rate the instruction.

The purposes of obtaining the information are to assist in the improvement of instruction and to provide one source of data for administrative evaluation or recognition of faculty performance.

Course Evaluation Form: Free Downloads

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The Course Evaluation Form will give students the opportunity to express views about a course and the way it was taught. Both tenured and untenured faculty members should be evaluated.  Students should evaluate the course specifically in terms of the college’s published general education criteria.  It will serve these purposes best if items are answered carefully and honestly by students about the course.

Course Evaluation Form: Areas of Evaluation

Areas that a Course Evaluation Form can address will include:

  1. Preparation: Did the instructor plan a coherent sequence of the topic?
  2. Content: Is level of instruction appropriate, challenging, and stimulating?
  3. Organization: Was material presented in an orderly and understandable manner?
  4. Delivery: Is there clear communication from the instructor?
  5. Student Response: Are other students engaged and attentive?
  6. Course Comparison: How does the course requirement measure against others at the same level?

Course Evaluation Form: Example Questions

1.   How did this course change, challenge, or focus your thinking on the subject matter?

2.   My thinking about this topic was refined by the course:

     Strongly Agree          Agree           Neutral          Disagree        Strongly Disagree

3.   In what ways did the instruction in this course engage students as active participants in the learning process?

4. The instructor employed a variety of effective learning formats:

__ Strongly Agree   __ Agree  __ Neutral  __Disagree  __ Strongly Disagree

5.   How did this course help improve your academic skills in such areas as writing, analyzing, speaking, and thinking critically?

6.   My academic skills improved:

     Strongly Agree        Agree          Neutral         Disagree           Strongly Disagree

7.   In what ways did the course show relationships to wider social issues, personal choices, and values?  Please give examples.

8.   The course material related to wider social issues, personal choices, and values.

     Strongly Agree        Agree          Neutral         Disagree           Strongly Disagree

9.   Comment on how well organized the course was, and how clearly the instructor communicated objectives, expectations, and grading policies.

10. The objectives, expectations, and grading policies were clearly stated and consistently implemented:

     Strongly Agree        Agree           Neutral         Disagree           Strongly Disagree

11. Comment on the instructor’s willingness to help, responsiveness to questions, and concern for the students’ progress both inside and out of the classroom.

12. The instructor was generally responsive to students’ needs.

     Strongly Agree        Agree           Neutral         Disagree           Strongly Disagree

13. What is your carefully considered judgment of the instructor’s overall effectiveness?  Note such things as command of subject, clarity, and thoroughness.

14.       The instructor was generally effective:

     Strongly Agree        Agree           Neutral         Disagree           Strongly Disagree

15. The grade you expect in this course will:

     lower your GPA           not change your GPA              increase your GPA

16. Including excused absences, you were absent:

     never            1-2 times            3-4 times            5-6 times              more often

17. In your opinion, the workload in this course (in relation to other courses of equal level) is:

     much lighter       lighter        about the same         heavier        much heavier

18. Your expected grade in this course is:

     A                          B                           C                         D                             U

19. The instructor returned work to you within a reasonable amount of time:

     Strongly Agree        Agree        Neutral        Disagree        Strongly Disagree

20.  What changes to the course methods, text(s), or content would help you learn the material better?

21. General Comments: